The Last Plea of a Sinner

Do not place flowers on my grave nor sprinkle water, for Hussain did not have either on his grave. Keep my hands free to lament over my beloved master, and let my eyes weep bloody tears over Hussain till the day of Judgment.







Do not place flowers on my grave nor sprinkle water
For Hussain did not have either on his grave

Do not place ordinary dust in my grave
But place the dust of Karbala under and above me

Before sealing my grave with the last handful of dust
Place the ultimate Museeba on my grave and allow me to resonate the call of Ya Hussain from beneath!

As you lay my body in the earthly hole
Allow me to sniff the purified air of Karbala

Keep my hands free to lament over my beloved master
And let my eyes weep bloody tears over Hussain till the day of Judgment

Perhaps then these tears can purify my sins with the final Ghusl
And relief the fire on my body

Before praying Salat Al-Wahshat on me
Pray for Imam Husain whose body was left for three days without burial

Oh Allah, permit me to visit my Hussain on every Ashura 
In my state of death and in purgatory

Give me a break from the squeezing of the grave 
So I can squeeze the children of Hussain in my arms

Give me a recess from the fire lit on my body
So I can go put out the fire from the tents of Hussain

Allow my feet to stand steadfast on the Siraat
So I can carry the daughter of Hussain and spare her foot from the heat of the desert

Oh Allah, place my book in my right hand
And leave my left hand free to sacrifice like Abbas did

Oh Allah when the weight of my bad deeds exceed the good
Allow me to transfer the difference to the killers of Husain

That is one good deed that I can present on the day of Judgment
For it will only grant them more curse and damnation!

That would be my gift to them in addition to my La’n prayers
Forever my tongue will seek their eternal damn and absolute doom!

Whether my residence be Hell or Heaven,
Permit me to witness live broadcast of the Ultimate Castigation

Of the five guilty defendants in the case of Hussain’s Murder
Along with all those who agreed with or without silence

Allow me to entertain myself in the midst of punishment
By putting out an atom’s  worth of fire for love of Hussain

Oh Allah despite the strength of the fire’s heat on my body in Hell-Fire
Make the heat of misery of my heart over Hussain’s tragedy be greater!

For that heat of fire over Husain is apt to eat up any surrounding blazes
And perhaps save my neighbor suffering beside me!

Oh Allah, if my body roasts and toasts in the barbecue of Hell
Spare my heart which is burning incessantly over Museebat Al-Hussain 

Grant me a sip of cold water from the Pool of Kauther to put out the fire not on my body
But on the heart which lives by Hussain and through Hussain

But before giving me that sip of water,
Allow me to take a recess from Hell and quench the thirst of Hussain’s orphans

Before my skin burns and is replaced with another layer
Allow me to touch the shrine of Hussain for purification

Permit me to seek refuge inside the cage encompassing Hussain’s grave
Let that position be my eternal abode be it castigation or reward!

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  • Syeda A


    How beautifully written! May Allah SWT accept the writer’s prayer for himself/herself and for me. Ameen!

  • Agha Vali

    The poet of this piece mA did a very nice and thorough job. The poem is very eloquent and descriptive. I would love to read more of your poems..

  • shahi hussain

    it i reminds us about the grandsons of our HOLY PROPHET ,may ALLLAH bless the writter and his family.

  • Sabireen Karim

    This was absolutely beautiful. Fantastic piece Jerrmein!

  • Abu Zahra

    All praise is due to Allah (SWT).

    This is excellent! Truly, I have no words to express the beauty of this poem. Please write more.

  • Ali Redha

    May the Imam (ATFS) be pleased with you.

    This is truly touching and brought tears to my eyes, for the remembrance of Al-Hussain, never will we forget!

    Please conitune to write!

  • Umar

    With all due respect, don’t worship the guy!

    • momen

      what guy are you takling about? The author? She did a fine job in expression!