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The Voice

Imagine being lost with another voice trying to challenge us and our futile resistance to it. Dare we silence the voice that was once ourselves?






I was lost in a dusty, barren land
Accompanied by a stranger, a figure, a man
Searching for a way to escape the heat
We both marched forward on our feet

At first I didn’t pay attention to the voice
Didn’t notice the tone, or the word choice
As we tread ahead he started to annoy
Making me wish it wasn’t a two man convoy

He started saying things that made me tick
Most of his statements lacked simple logic
I kept wishing the man would just go away
Leave me alone on such a harrowing day

The wind got stronger and my vision was blurry
But that fool kept saying things to irritate fully
Finally, when I had enough on the walk
I said, “could you stop with the non-sense talk”

He got quiet, he must have been a little surprised
I said, “the way you say things is what I despise”
I told him, “You lack manners and you lack maturity
Your definite statements are full of obscurities”

I continued, “think of the hard time your words gave
I wish someone had taught you how to behave”
I told him how I felt and then my words seized
Started noticing the fading of the dusty breeze

His footsteps approached and then I could see
I was stunned when he got close, because that person was me

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  • batoul

    …interesting..sort of made me think that sometimes we complicate life for ourslves out of our own will….but we just dont realize it…its all in our hands