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 How do we stay on the path of guidance on a daily basis? As much as we try, our efforts seem to fall short and eventually neglect overcomes our wishes to become better believers.








I awake with the thought of worship

another day, another chance to grow

Another day to strive to get closer

Another day to repel my desires.

As I walk out the door, the fire is fueled within my heart


As the day starts, as I go about my norms, it weakens

The people around me, though not to blame, influence my thoughts

My surroundings cage in around me

And I fall asleep as I walk, talk, think

A sudden remembrance I feel,

I realize yet again I fell into this trap, of neglect

I realize yet again I have forgotten.

So easy it is to trip and to fall

So difficult it seems to always stay at focus

But I am forever thankful

I thank Him for He reminds me daily

I thank Him, as there is no one else to thank for all I have

And yet the cycle continues, and I hope that one day it would be straight

All the way to the path of guidance and Eimaan.

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  • redearth

    very nice poem, its true us muslims go through strugles on a minute to minute basis.

    keep it up 🙂

  • khadija

    how true!! how much can we thank Allah for reminding us of our duties ..for keeping on wanting to guide us n how weak and unenlightened we are that we do not answer the call of the Lord Almighty!
    i like the end ..bcuz we are not inherently bad we just need the right company the right support the right environment that helps us grow in Imaan and makes our faith stronger..

  • fatheya

    WOW this is amazing! u did a great job!! one of the best poems I have read in a long time! 😉

  • amir

    this poem reminds me a lot of what I go through everyday I do hope and pray that one day my path will be a straight and rewarding one well done sister Dorar may allah reward you for your great poem 🙂