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V for Victory

VictorySurprised and enraged by our resilient existence, you forget your motto keeps us going: From God we are, and to Him we must surely return!

VictoryDreams shaped on violence and oppression,
Hopes crushed through military might; and
The imprint of Satan’s mace.
Houses built on the echoing rubble of homes,
Policies shaped on abuse and bigotry.
Forgetting the recompense awaiting you in the eternal abode,
You keep on, proud of your perceived victories;
For every funeral you caused,
Every bride you widowed,
Every child you crippled,
Every son you orphaned,
Every mother you caused to mourn,
Every father you left helpless,
Every orphan you left in pangs of hunger,
Every family you left desolate,
Every home you tore apart,
brick by brick,
Every existence you threatened,
Every planted grove you ripped from the earth,
Every protected camp you shelled with bombs and gas,
Every oppressed voice you stifled; and
Every breath you suffocated.


Surprised and enraged by our resilient existence,
You forget your motto keeps us going:
From God we are, and to Him we must surely return!
Firm in the defense of our homeland,
The land of saints and prophets,
The land blessed by Isa, Muhammad, and Mahdi
Quds – the land of the free.
Where death from your hands is anticipated; and
Victory from God assured

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    As-Salam Alaikom

    MashAllah sister Khadija! that was an amazing poem! it’s very moving. You are truly gifted. MashAllah sister 🙂