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Al-Husayn Through Time and Toll; An Undying Love

The tragedy of Karbala happened in AH 61, since that time more than a millennium has passed. The world has seen many tides and oscillations of different regimes rising to

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The Silent Murder of Imam al-Husayn (as)

  When we hear the words “qatalat al-Husayn” (the killers of Imam al-Husayn), most of us think about those criminals who actively participated in the battle of Karbala against Imam

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Al-Khawarazmi; Algebra

This is the second article of a series that will be focused on influential Muslim scientists. To see if any other articles have been uploaded, search the tag or keywords

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The Last Farewell: From Husayn to Zainab

*This is a creative piece written eulogizing the final good bye between Imam al-Husayn (as) and his sister, Sayyida Zainab (as). This is not based on traditions in history. For any

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Karbala: The Living Tawheed

The AhlulBayt (s) have been living embodiment of tawheed (belief in the oneness of God). Their every moment of life has been in accordance to the will of Allah (swt).

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Mubahila: Manifestation of the Truth

It was the 10th year of Hijrah, the religion of Islam had now become well-established in the Arabian subcontinent. The Prophet (s), however, was still determined to spread the religion

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Ghadeer: Perfection and Protection of Islam

“O Messenger! Deliver what has been revealed to you from your Lord; and if you do it not, then you have not delivered His message, and Allah will protect you

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The First Defender of Husayn

When the ninth of Dhu al-Hijjah comes by, we commemorate the occasion of the Day of Arafah where pilgrims from all over the world perform their Hajj rituals. However, many

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The Fifth of the Scintillating Lights

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir is the fifth of the scintillating lights of the AhlulBayt (as). He was known as al-Baqir al-uloom, the one who splits knowledge, meaning to disperse and share

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A Successful Union

It goes without saying that the marriage of Imam Ali (as) and Sayyida Fatima (as) was a perfect union from the time of its inception until their fateful deaths. The