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Medina: the Roots of Karbala

The likes of Umar ibn Sa’ad and Shimr were reported beating the women and children with whips. They tied defenseless women and children and dragged them from city to city.

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Lady Zainab: the Daughter of Her Mother

Both Lady Fatima and Lady Zainab lost their mothers at a very young age. Lady Fatima is the Kawthar to her father, and Lady Zainab is the Zain (adornment) of

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Babies Who Spoke

The hairdresser was patient as she saw her kids martyred before her very eyes. But her last child was a newborn, a baby! She was devastated. It was at the

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Occultations Before Imam Mahdi

Given both definitions, some people cannot seem to accept the idea of God’s representative being ‘in occultation’, and others seem to believe that this phenomenon is restricted to Imam Mahdi.

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Status of the Killers of Imam Hussain

There is absolutely nothing in history which indicates that any of the killers of Imam Hussain or those who participated in his massacre were remotely forgiven by Allah. On the

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The Oppressed Grandson of the Prophet

The Imam suffered mostly from the false media that was under the control the Umayyads. At the time, rumors were spread about how the Imam forfeited the leadership to Muawiya

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Lessons from the Story of Abel and Cain

In the story of Abel and Cain, we see that Cain learned the act of burial from a crow. This shows that learning is never restricted to certain figures, but

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A Probe into Imam Ali’s Government

The Imam did not segregate between the social classes. The Imam was often seen roaming the streets of Kufa like everyone else. He did not need the army to protect

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The End of the Oppressors

These tyrants are only examples of many that came. After close inspection of the others, one will immediately realize that they all share similar ends. Some may argue that they

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The Tragedy of Uncovered Heads

After all, these were the granddaughters of Allah’s chosen beloved – so how is it possible that they be without proper Hijab in front of non-Mahrams? Perhaps their Abaya (robe) or Niqab (face-covering)