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Imam Ali (a) – Success on the Nights of Qadr

“By the Lord of the Kaaba, I am successful”. These were the profound words uttered from the mouth of the beloved Imam Ali (a) upon being fatally struck by the

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Lady Khadija, the Esteemed Wife of the Prophet (s)

Lady Khadija al-Kubra (as) is the daughter of Khuwaylid, belonging to the clan of Banu Hashim of the tribe of Banu Asad. She was a distant cousin of her husband,

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Ornament of the Worshippers

While sitting amongst a group of companions, Imam Zain ul-Abideen (as) remarked that a believer possesses five characteristics. A companion named Tawus ibn al-Yaman asked the Imam to mention them,

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The Enduring Patience of Imam al-Kadhim (as)

Imam Musa al-Kadhim (as) is reported to have said, “Have patience in obeying and in not disobeying God, because this world is only a short period of time; you don’t

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Imam Ali (as) – A Miraculous Birth

The lofty position of an individual can generally be recognized by certain events in their life which display the grand status of that person. In rare cases, a person can

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Medina: the Roots of Karbala

The likes of Umar ibn Sa’ad and Shimr were reported beating the women and children with whips. They tied defenseless women and children and dragged them from city to city.

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Lady Zainab: the Daughter of Her Mother

One way to better appreciate the high status of Lady Zainab bint Ali (peace be upon her) is to draw a simple comparison on the striking resemblances between her life

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Babies Who Spoke

The hairdresser was patient as she saw her kids martyred before her very eyes. But her last child was a newborn, a baby! She was devastated. It was at the

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Occultations Before Imam Mahdi

Given both definitions, some people cannot seem to accept the idea of God’s representative being ‘in occultation’, and others seem to believe that this phenomenon is restricted to Imam Mahdi.

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Status of the Killers of Imam Hussain

There is absolutely nothing in history which indicates that any of the killers of Imam Hussain or those who participated in his massacre were remotely forgiven by Allah. On the