Submission Guidelines

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By submitting your work, you are giving Islamic Insights the exclusive right to publish and use the material in accordance with our rules and regulations. We operate under a Creative Commons License. Material published on our site may be shared with other sites provided – among other things – that these sites are non-commercial and that the material shared is properly attributed by author and publication. This will increase the visibility of your work and provide greater access to readers from different backgrounds and regions.


Submitting your work does not bind Islamic Insights to publish your work. Should Islamic Insights decide to publish your submission, we will contact you by email. If you do not hear back from us within seven [7] days feel free to contact us at

It is our aim to have your work published within ten [10] days of receiving your submission, if and only if, the work meets the submission guidelines below. In some instances the publishing time frame may be extended due to unique circumstances. Your patience would be appreciated.


Submissions to Islamic Insights should be original pieces, not be published on other websites and be owned by the author. Only in certain circumstances will we reproduce work on Islamic Insights found elsewhere. Typically, this is not applicable to individual contributors.

Your work must not be published previously in part, whole, or in altered form on any other platform in order to be considered. Please be aware that this policy differs for syndication agreements which exist with organizations or works from Islamic leadership.


Due to the high demand and reception of Islamic Insights publications, we require all submissions to be proofread for grammar and spelling errors before submission. It is imperative as well that your work is between 500 and 750 words. If applicable, unique circumstances will void this rule for particular submissions.

We expect the pieces to be of high quality as we will not engage in a thorough editing process. Pieces that are approved should be ready for publication. Copy editing your own work and submitting a clean finished copy will increase the chances of your submission being accepted. Due to time constraints, writers may not be consulted before their piece is published unless substantial changes are made to it.

As a rule of thumb, we value quality over quantity.


Islamic Insights firmly adheres to the principles of journalistic integrity. Submissions selected for publication are expected to live up to high standards of factual accuracy, source accountability, and proper accreditation where necessary. Writers are expected to provide supporting documentation or share sources with the editor upon request.

Any submissions must abide by Islamic social norms and etiquette. This includes using appropriate language, not attacking other believers, and staying within the sphere of Islamic beliefs. We encourage diversity and unity and we will not turn anyone away for holding differential views. However, we retain the right to decline submissions based on their relevance to the mission of Islamic Insights.


All submission pieces will be required to adhere to a particular category of writing and you will be asked to identify this category of writing upon submission. The clergy corner category is reserved for Islamic scholars that have graduated, are currently studying, or currently teaching in the Islamic seminary.

Any facts or hadith (Prophetic traditions) must be quoted with proper citations and sources in place. Not having sources cited before submission will slow down the publication process. Islamic Insights reserves the right to hold articles until the author provides citations for claims or narrations made in articles.

If you have a new idea for a category that you feel is relevant to our current state of affairs, please do let us know.

For questions or further inquiry into publication, please contact You may also e-mail your submission at that e-mail.

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