The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, It’ll be Written

Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing is Paving the Way

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In the Name of God 

All praises be due to God, an Islamic fiction publishing company for young and new adults is on the scene. Debuting October 2017 in Canada, Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing has a three-pronged approach:

  • Islamic downtime through moral fiction
  • A publishing opportunity for young and new adult writers
  • One-of-a-kind Qur’anic ayat bookmarks and tapestries

Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing’s passion is listening to the voices and telling the stories of our youth through Islamic fiction in all its formats. Two books have been published so far.

The Sandhills of Arabia is the 2017 new edition of Laila Hasib’s 1992 book. It presents the story of the friendship of two girls in the Arabian peninsula which speaks of love, truth, and the struggle to find their identities in the midst of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait and US espionage.

Right Against Might: The Trio Versus the Sefids is by a North American author under a pen name. It is a thriller about three male western Muslim high school students who must uncover the conspiracies of the Sefids, a mysterious international organization, before they take over the world.

Both books are historical fiction, political and conform to Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing’s motto, Resistance. Inspiration. Creation. Revolution. Readers will find them unique, impactful, motivating, and just good reading. That’s because Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing is committed to publishing books which incorporate truth, messages of love, hope, resilience and diversity and are at the same time, Islamically moral and faithful.

Behind the Mission

Young and new adults are vulnerable to pressures that instill the status quo. The fiction our youth read use strategies that mix truth with falsehood, jumbling up morality with immorality, leaving random, slanted and twisted messages. Simplifying complex issues is dangerous and skimming over oppression without putting the truth front and center is confusing.

For publishers, quality books are WHAM (white, hetero, able-bodied, maleness) books and everything else isn’t marketable. They expect marginalized people to live within their marginalization all the time and so their storylines must fit into that narrative. When marginalized writers write from their own windows, they don’t often get published. When our stories aren’t relayed or are broadcasted incorrectly, we are left feeling victimized and angry.

The forces of evil know that each generation must go through the process of learning what’s true and what’s false so every effort is made to keep the truth hidden, although the truths are universal. Muslim youth know the truth, stand for justice and desire to speak out, but live in a vulgar, fast-moving, frightening world. Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing offers our youth the realization that others think like they do and the opportunity to create stories that expose our emotions, experiences and journeys. Through the truth in fiction, our youth will be empowered to discover themselves and why they were born, ignite love and uplift hearts and become strong responsible wayfarers who walk powerfully and stand up for justice.

Call to Action

There’s finally an Islamic young adult fiction publisher! Supporting Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing is an investment and an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and spiritually impact young people. Let’s flood the universe with the voices of our youth. Purchase books for yourself, a relative or friend. Send in your manuscripts so that by the power of the pen, our stories can become immortal, God-willing.

 Check out the submission process, store and blog on the website.

Editor’s note on the publisher: Laila Hasib is an American convert and has degrees in psychology, criminal justice and education. She worked as the secretary for the cultural and press attache at a Muslim embassy, a typesetter and writer for Crescent International newsmagazine and an elementary and special education teacher for 25 years. Her lifelong dream is to publish Islamic fiction for young and new adults, thus Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing which she owns. Laila Hasib is married and has five children and several grandchildren.





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