Allah Gave Me Love

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Beautiful poem about a sister’s struggle to come closer to Allah through the love of her life.








I ask, He gives
I asked Allah for a pious man
A man to keep my faith strong with
He, who will give me children worthy of the army of my Imam
A pious man
Compassionate, intelligent, respectful
I did not ask for love
I thought:
What if everything I worked so hard for disappears?
Love does crazy things, doesn’t it?
What if that nafs because of whom I bore so many trials and difficulties gets away again?
What if this love blinds me of faith?
And though I did not pray, I did not whine, I did not lament for love
It is what I desired
Silly nafs, again.
And my Lord gave me love
Unconditional, undying, unimaginable
Allah is closer to you than your jugular, the Qur’an says
And so, even as I tried to hide it from even myself, Allah knew
He who knows what was and what will be
He who was knowledge of everything
He who is the Lover of lovers
So now I ask
I ask because I can do nothing else
I ask, I pray, I supplicate.
I make Du’a with my heart.

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