Awaited, Where Are You?

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Ana turab [I am soil] how can I die before I behold you?
When from Abu Turab, I asked for a glimpse of you
If death comes to me Mawla before you
My soul will complain “Haider, when will he come to me!”

Isn’t it painful to die before I see you
I will tell Haider I waited so long till my death
But Haider, your son I didn’t see till my death
It breaks my heart how plants world and moon
behold you but my eyes don’t, is this junoon [craze]?

And now when sun of my life has set
My heart weeps and my soul is upset
But wait, wipe tears there is a hope

I recited Dua Ahad, that promise is a hope
For I will die but my soul will wait
As I awaited but death was in my fate
My soul will leave my body to go there

I know you visit Jannatul Baqi to share
Your pain with Hasan as he knows pain of betrayal
And narrate for Sajjad Hussain’s farewell
To Baqir, you say I am alone my father
To Abbas you look when you need a brother
And then you turn towards Abu Talib and wail
You are guardian of Rasool and I am son of Batool

Mehdi my soul is deaf to listen your voice but 
I can feel your pain in my heart and I cry
I zit between demolished shrines and weep
Where I know many awaited souls asleep
Who are in stranger’s land but for you
They all are waiting, where are you?

Where are you?
Awaited, where are you?

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