Come Friend

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We don’t know for how long we have our friends and family with us. It certainly won’t be forever. Let us commit to enjoying and making the most of what little time we have with each other.








Come, friend, and walk with me a while
By chance or fate our paths are one for now.
friend or foe, fool or sage, old or young.
my companion you are, for the day,
for life, for some given time in between.
Perhaps our path is not exclusively
our own, and we may come across others…
one, few or more, wandering like ourselves.
I know someday our path will split in two,
and take you on towards your destiny
as I seek mine, unaware of the end.
know that when we part, I’ll wish you well.
though now I’m glad to have your company
bringing life to the times between which I…
I walk alone.

Come, friend, and walk with me a while
and as we stride, let us talk, laugh and smile.

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