Competitive Zeal

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Shaikh Ali Abu TalibAre all those energies we are putting into different mediums leading us somewhere.

 Shaikh Ali Abu Talib





What is the point… the reason… the rhyme
Of investing so much energy, resources, and time
Climbing a ladder to reach absolutely nowhere…
A thing leaning on nothing, and will fall through the air?

Yet, folks race up the thing, pulling each other down…
Hoping the other will plummet and drown.
Unsound reasons to envy and hate…
Rat racing and losing… too slow out the gate.

Too slow… then it’s over… will it matter at all?
Were they steps to ascend or steps to a fall?
The competition is over before it begins
And “Now” lasts forever… when worldliness ends.

And then when it ends and the curtains are rent
The illusion of pleasure can’t make the ascent,
And lusts, greed, and passions for wrong prideful gain
Is seen in reality… HOT… endless… PAIN.

So rise up on wings that sing God’s Superiority.
Reject those rats’ values… their wrong, false authority.
For the foolish soon know the folly fools sow.
While the wise soar above it with winged creatures who glow.

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