Cowards Have No Loyalty

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ImageShaikh Ali Abu Talib on those individuals who create mischief and oppression in this world and refuse to be loyal to Allah's commands.








They say it's better to win…say it's better to win
than defending the right thing.
They say that honor's for fools, there's just winners or tools,
there's no rules when you're fighting.

We know that both sides spill blood, turn the sand into mud
with the flood of their bleeding.
But do the Benders of Right worship Justice and Light?
no, it's blight that they're heeding.

Who in the world are the men, fools who worship their kin
who think virtue's a sin, while they're scheming?
Men planning ,plotting to turn people from the Cistern,
saying Ali's concern is just dreaming.

These men believe there's no hell… that Faith's a sorcerer's spell,
and these devils know well how Faith's broken.
A promise, a sigh, and a plump naked thigh,
or a slanderous lie snakeishly spoken.

Truth nourishes spirits, and lies are what poison the soul.
The Innocent Leader is born with God's pleasure his goal.
The simian born of a human being barks, growls, and whines.
Ignorant men who worship their kin read these howls as God's Signs.  

Then who is the fool and the real Devil's tool in the end?
When wrong can't be fair, and round can't be square… their sin is just sin.
Where love's not abandoned, and hope is not randomly given.
The End of the Line…the Book's Final Sign…For all men and Jinn?

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