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Yahya NaqviTo whom You’re closer than the jugular vein unmatched is man. To the other creation who can elevate to the heavens or choose eternal damnation.

Yahya NaqviMajestic is Your sun
The rays that give life
Curtained by the horizon
Shines off the moon at night
The star placed perfectly
To provide warmth and light

Distinguished are Your trees
Silent, but not sleeping
Offering fruits and shade
Witnessing, weeping
But humbly oblige
Fresh air for breathing

Precious is Your water
The flow of mercy
Peacefully sustains
The plentiful bounty
Stored in Earth
To relieve the thirsty

However, there is one in this domain
To whom You’re closer than the jugular vein
Unmatched is man
To the other creation
Who can elevate to the heavens
Or choose eternal damnation
He can grow trees, spread water, or harness the sun
He came from You and to You he’ll return

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