Declaration of Independence from Oppression

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ImageYahya Naqvi speaking out against the injustice happening to our Muslim brothers in Gaza.

Yahya Naqvi








This is my declaration
Declaration of Independence from Oppression

The way blood is flowing today
I cry here at the river bay
The soul of humanity decomposes
As all of our morals decay
Democracy is offered at gun point
There is a feast on the oil buffet

We're labeled insane
Our religion, obsolete
Our faith, mundane
You can find us in Guantanamo
Tied up in chains
On the minds of politicians
Targets of campaigns

You can find us struggling
In every war zone
Defending the land
That we call home
In this sea of troubles
We stand alone
Butchered by Israel
By Ariel Sharon

You can find us at funerals
Our loved ones, dead
Begging for money
To get some bread
Our corrupt tyrants…
Cut off our heads
Like Iraqi refugees
Forced to have fled

You can find us praying
And with so many tears
Women in Hijab
Men in beards
The journey intense
Intentions sincere
We answer to Allah
To Islam we adhere
Growing very rapidly
Around the sphere

This is my declaration
Declaration of Independence from Oppression

Whispers reach the deep side of the mind
Makes a faithful one turn blind
The way his thoughts seep in
Deceived so many times
Like the black plague, infesting mankind
His work getting bigger
Even more refined

I've felt his grip
Suffocating my soul
Contaminating my thoughts
A voice chillingly cold

In this heavy fog
Can't see what's going on
I've felt like giving up
All hopes withdrawn

Caught in petty distractions
Plan of the blood feen
Battle with Islam
Battle 'gainst the deen

I've seen the devil
With my own eyes
The big bad wolf
In a sheep's disguise

He is George Bush
And Cheney too
Attached to their souls
Like paper and glue

Think of the lies
They spill at you
Their journalism, fake
The honest, few

And most of the public…
Doesn't have a clue

This is my declaration
Declaration of Independence from Oppression

How can you invade a country?
Based on bombs that you can't see
On the lie that you'll set them free
Already in two
Now want to make it three?
Adding on to the killing spree
You don't mind killing a man
But you'll fight to save a tree

They want to see us fornicate
And shed away our modesty
Liberation is alcohol
And an S.T.D. like H.I.V.

They preach democracy
But practice hypocrisy
Try to make a mockery
Of the world's best Ideology
All the while in Saudi Arabia
Shaking hands with the monarchy

They said that they came to liberate
As usual, the white man invading estate
I for one never bit the bait

Because their promises don't have weight
Because their interests are not so great
Because their feelings are purely hate
Because I could see their blood filled slate

It's something that I don't debate
I keep my perspective very straight
I want you to leave
Give me the date

This is my declaration
Declaration of Independence from Oppression

Dedicated to the victims of Gaza

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