I Am

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ImageBrother Yahya Naqvi about one taking confinement with Allah [swt].

Yahya Naqvi









Who am I?
I am the lion of God
In stride through the rain of arrows
The fort door…
Falsehood meets defeat

As I land
I am the spirit of God
The roaring crowd in Tehran
Air France…
Leading a revolution

The answer to despair
I am Abbas at Euphrates
Mother's tears of grace
I am an unmarked grave

Civilizations have fallen, I've risen from the ashes
A warrior of destiny, I've risen from the clashes

Wisdom in verse
Speaking between lines
Followers dispersed
In thoughts engulfed
In ideology immersed 

In God I trust and in my prayers I confide
To help me in victory and restore my pride
As cultures and nations come at collide
The crescent moon will change the tide 

Neglected pages of history
I am truth
I don't come to change old
I come to gather youth

I am a beginning foretold
An ending glorious
The prophecy, behold
I am victorious

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