I Pray

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ImageYahya Naqvi in 'I Pray.' A poem dedicated to those who go throught the struggles of everyday life.

Yahya Naqvi







You can offer as much as you like
But man, I don't drink
Keep what you blaze away from me
I despise that stink

Baby, you can't seduce me
Just look into my eyes
You see it now darling?
A soul reaching for the skies
A man aiming for the prize
Intelligent, confident and wise
All may bow to Lucifer
But he's lookin' to rise
Might have caught you by surprise
But let me assure you sweetheart
This here, is no disguise

My heart sank low at the sight of the grave
The realization came over me
That I was a slave
But not to my desires
One who would behave
My heart sinks low
Brothers running away from the Deen
Slaves of the world
All in to earn more of that green
The pain I feel when I see them lean
How much I want to help them
The man in me screams

I see Allah through my heart
Whom I pray to I've seen
Praiseworthy, I want to glorify

I prostrate, the feelings serene
What a wonderful thing
The five prayer routine

I've embarked on a journey
To which I don’t know the end

Will I reach my goals?
Well, that all depends

I pray I stay honest
Not one who pretends

I pray for my family
Along with my friends

I pray I stick to my morals

That I never bend

I pray for victory over desires
That I'm able to defend

I pray my soul passes expectations
That my spirit transcends


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