In the Beginning

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Shaikh Ali Abu TalibWas The First Light like the light that we now perceive? Can a mere solar explosion successfully achieve the frequency and intensity to create matter and life? Perhaps. The Universe is said to be expanding and is rife with possibilities.

Shaikh Ali Abu TalibFrom Light, all things did emanate.
As a response to The Divine Decree, “BE.”
that very first Illumination did radiate
from “The Dark’s” emptiness Into created actuality.

Before matter, God made energy,
And with that energy
Allah demonstrated His Creative Originality
By bringing into existence The Metaphysical Reality.

From That Light God made the Book Of Fate,
And The Almighty’s Seat Of Sovereignty;
The Pen Of Scripture; The Sacred Slate;
Heaven, Hell, And Purgatory.

And from The Synergy That Ushered Forth With The The Divine Command,
And the Energies between The Command and what The Original Light Began;
Sound, light and heat etherealized,
So that Time, Space, and Place simultaneously materialized.

Some say everything that we see, originally came to be
From a sound that brought forth That Very First Energy.
Could it be that “The Big Bang” was God voicing The Command “BE,”
Thus what came to exist is what we call “temporal/celestial reality?”

The hosts of angels, standing and bowing;
Some hymning praises while they’re kowtowing;
The seas, the breeze, the land, the skies;
The burn, the freeze, the lows, the highs.

Some things that swim, that slither, and fly;
Land that is wet, and land that is dry;
Things microscopic; things huge in size;
Nerve endings, noses, tongues, ears, and eyes.
Things and their feelings; with warm and cold blood.
Things born from wombs, and others that bud.

All things originated
Resulting from the first thing The Originator Created.
That very first state of illuminated existence,
Came into being by The Force’s Irresistible Insistence.

Was The First Light like the light that we now perceive?
Can a mere solar explosion successfully achieve
The frequency and intensity to create matter and life?
Perhaps. The Universe is said to be expanding and is rife
With possibilities.

Metaphysicists and physicists have always speculated, and debated it…
Pondering The Universe… and The Force That Created It…
But undoubtedly; from God, all things did originate.
Allah Willed The Universe’s beginnings and its ultimate fate.

The Creator Is One Attribute Of The Original Initiator.
Not Male… Not Female… Not Begetting Pollinator.
God Sired No Children… Not Sexual Procreator
The Evolving Creator… The Ultimate Originator
The First Light He Created was a glorified generator.

Was This Very First Light much more than a sun?
If the Very First Light was a physical sun,
It was the very first one… before it, was none.

And in this, the Very First Divine Act Of Creation,
God created a special kind of Celestial Radiation;
Which Evolved Into The More Than The Physical Illumination
of The First Human Soul.
And God gave it Perfection as it’s Ultimate Goal.

It was created with the capacity for human perfection,
Being blessed with the capacity for Prophetic Introspection.
That first Light that God made is like a living projection;
That eventually passed through a gemlike lens cut to make it capable of analytical refraction, mental recollection, and able to behold God’s Ever Presence In Reverent Reflection.

Thus the human soul perceives That From Which It Did Emanate.
At it’s best, this trait lets The Prophets Communicate
With The Divine, Whom Prophets and common folk all reverently venerate.
It is the awe that this perception does generate,
That causes the faithful to obediently bow down and piously prostrate.

It is this life giving ray that radiates from The Creator
To the human soul and from the human soul to The Creator,
Which Illuminates us;
Concentrates us,
Regenerates, and Consecrates us.
And makes us worthy to be human.

Thus The Human soul is a living energy… a kind of projection
Emanating from It’s Most Brilliant Source.
So of course, all humans, if they are turned in the right direction;
And willfully employ the power of God-contemplative introspection,
Can reflect on and spiritually perceive It;
And through faith, buttressed by intellect, totally trust in It.
Though with intellect alone, no one could even conceive of It.

All humans contain something of that Very First Light.
Because of this essence, we humans possess The Intellectual Insight
Enabling us to differentiate that which is wrong from that which is right.
Because of this hallowed essence, the human mind can successfully fight
Against the tyranny of it’s low animal drives;
And rise to the state where true sanity derives;
Only being satisfied when what we want congruently jives
With what The All Wise has prescribed for our human lives;
The State of True Sanity, The True State Of Peace;
AsSalam, what souls long for like migrating geese.

The First Light Came Last, and God gave It a name,
It praised Him, and thanked Him, so God did the same.
God named it “Muhammad,” “The Completion Of Praise,”
When This First Light Was Embodied it ushered in The Last Days.

By Ali Abu-Talib Son Of AbdunNur
Oh Allah Bless Muhammad’s Soul
And Rain Down Peace On His Household.
Allahu Akbar. God Is Greater


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