It Ain’t Your War

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ImageSister Rumina Hassan, the newest addition to the Islamic Insights team, with her hard-hitting poetry about the war in Gaza.

Child killed in the attack on Gaza









Y'all stop the war, stop the hate
Ain't nobody tell that you're a terrorist state?

What right do you have to step into that place?
Ain't nobody got the guts to tell it to your face?

Let me say it then, loud and clear,
Just make sure what I'm saying, you can hear

Get out of there, those people have a right to live
You better say you are sorry, and pray that they forgive

That they don't burn you back, and bring your place down to ashes
Ain't no human life here that's worth putting in the trashes

You got it all wrong, you see, you think it's all yours to claim
Your name ain't written nowhere, all you want is power and fame

You ain't getting none of that, not in Gaza or Palestine
Just let it all go, give it all back, every penny every dime

Y'all think you're heroes by killing innocent children in school?
Their mothers and fathers yellin' and screamin', y'all are just fools

So looks like you ain't goin' nowhere, fine, let justice be shown
Wait till God shows you His might, and brings y'all down

Y'all going to burn and wish you'd never done what you did
That's right, that's what y'all get for killin' that kid.

Rumina Hassan is studying Early Childhood and computer graphics at Seminole Community College in Orlando, Florida. She will be periodically contributing her poetry to Islamic Insights.

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