It Is He

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Shukran Lillah

He is our stability when the universe dances in our mind. He is the crescent that signals our beginning. He is the brightness that eclipses the moon of our ending.

Shukran Lillah

It is He who listens to our deepest fears

Listens to the sorrowful laments of our hearts

Like an infant in a cradle

Listening to it cry in its darkest nights

Listens to it sing in its brightest days

He feels the joy behind every smile

And the pain behind every tear

He’s the caring eye

When no eye would settle upon ours

When we feel no love from the world

That built us up and brought us down to our knees

It is He who accepts our kneels when the world

Only accepts us on our feet

It is His remembrance that keeps my tides crashing

He’s the home this traveler has always been searching for

When my sins left scars

Scars became maps

And these maps lead to Him

It is He who finds us beneath the tree

Looking for shade from the world

When memories plague through our mind

Nightmares blur our daylight

And pain numbs our hearts

It is He who is the cure for our ailments

By prostrating, soul and mind

He is a wealth of a different kind

A wealth founded on love

He is the darkness that surrounds

The stars of hope

He is our stability

When the universe dances in our minds

He is the crescent that signals

Our beginning

He is the brightness that eclipses

The moon of our ending

He is the one that calms

The rhythmic flares of the sun

So that the world may feed

He is the reason the Sun sinks

In the western sky

Only to rise again, for life

The light does not deny

Nor would He deny

Yet we, the nothingness, portraying arrogance

Underneath the planets and constellations

Cannot thank a little?

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