It’s Not Possible To Make A Person Love You

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ImageThe love of this world is the cause of all evil, said Imam Sadiq. Shaikh Ali Abu Talib beautifully expounds on the meaning of true love for one's Creator.

Shaikh Ali Abu Talib








It's not possible to make a person love you

"The Thing" that is exists because it is.

And God, The Ever Present Loves A Love True.

A love that's true is true because it's His.

There's choices that we make. Then there's seduction

Flirtatious pressure chosen without thought.

There's love of God and less than that's reduction.

But less within His Will is what is sought.

The moments come and go. But now's forever.

True love is now, and now forever stays.

And time and space will end within a moment.

But love endures forever in God's Grace.

Who can make a heart turn towards forever?

What kiss, what touch can cause one's pride to fall…

To fall into the role where souls endeavor

To hearken to The Lover's beck and call?

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