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ImageYahya Naqvi on how we get caught up in this life and forget those things which truly matter.

Yahya Naqvi








Just came to give some company
Heard the grave is cold and lonely
Thought I'd come to say a prayer
To show that I still really care

If memories were a ladder
And tears were a lane
I'd go up to heaven
And bring you back again

Running after a world that flees
We live our lives so worry free
Forgetting we're not here to stay
Buried and left to decay

Just read the situation's full update
Heard you can't afford a dinner plate
Thought I'd write it out and share
To show people you're in despair

If hope was a seed
And ambition was rain
I'd grow a field of crops
So you could eat again

We live within our happy bubble
Not helping others with their troubles
Forgetting our brothers in humanity
A shameful life of vanity

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