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Yahya NaqviBrother Yahya Naqvi is back with his latest poem about life and the challenges we face to become better individuals.

Yahya Naqvi

Life is but a waking dream
Attempting to balance amongst extremes

My dream has many wasted hours
Few moments full of colors and flowers
It changes according to how it’s dealt
The world’s first change is first oneself

Neither is the dream in gloomy night
Where one falls down from frightful heights
Dark in weak moments of fight
Actions caged a spirit’s flight

What is a man’s destiny?
What the man’s deeds decree?
A product of mentality?
Dependent on personality?
Variable perceptions of reality?

Yes, life is something worth to live
With generous hands that always give
With a heart that willingly forgives
With teeth that always gleam in smile
And hold a tongue from all words vile

Life can surely be enjoyed
If one helps build and not destroy
Quest of perfection is found thereof
In surrender to a benevolent love

The steering left to our control
Of the being, of the soul
Unpredictable, sequenced motion
The dream is meant to test devotion
Dreams are travels to goals afar
Each unique and each bizarre
In the end the dream presents
Culmination of all events

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