Light of Love

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La Ilaha Ill'AllahLight shimmers upon the ink of true life, reflecting images so clear. Of Compassion and Love, Peace and Security, Your light of Beneficence and Mercy. Oh Master, Holy, Peace. Protector, Mighty, Glorious.



La Ilaha Ill'Allah






As my wandering eyes fall upon Your name
Its beauty locks my gaze
What power in a name
Drawing such deep desires
What manifestation of glory
Engraved upon this parchment
Bewitching mind and soul alike

Light shimmers upon the ink of true life
Reflecting images so clear
Of Compassion and Love
Peace and Security
Your light of Beneficence and Mercy
Oh Master, Holy, Peace
Protector, Mighty, Glorious

Such beauty in each graceful attribute
That sparkles before my eyes
Each one captures my spirit
Engaging every facet of my being
And as this light falls upon Your name
It reflects one even more serene

Just as light beams paint droplets into rainbows
That color the world aglow
And sunsets deep amber, purple, azul
Beacon a breathless stare
Each echoing a frequency of emotion
To delight the senses and soul

Your Light so pure beyond white
Penetrates through space and time
Eternal, Ethereal
Glimmering rays of dawn upon Your signs
Numerous to behold

From the mustard seed to the dinosaurs that breathed
The depths of the ocean to the skies beyond
The universe within us and that which surrounds us
All bow to Your Light of Love

“The most beautiful names belong to God: so call on him by them…” (Holy Qur’an, 7:180)

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