Light Walk

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ImageShaikh Ali Abu Talib on the decisions man makes in life and how we should tread this world lightly.

Shaikh Ali Abu Talib








One should walk on this earth humbly with care
            As if God is watching… like light walks on air.
For life's walk's a prayer… with a start and an end…
            A sequence of stairs towards what's real to began.

Is not earth our mother from what we are made,
            And then she's our tomb where to rest we are laid?
All that has lived has succumbed to the end.
            Gave back to the earth what our mother did lend.

The graveyards are filling with humans who've died.
            Corpses where people once lived, loved, and vied
For what they could not for long keep.
            The Whole Globe's a graveyard where we're planted to reap.    

In one thousand years folks will walk to and fro,
            On the spot where we're planted to reap what we sow.
And what will we think of those who spend the time of their life
            Pushing and shoving in material strife.

Like those under us now, we'll know what is real.
            We'll wish we strived harder to possess the ideal
Sense of virtue, to behave in a way
            Like we see God and the ghosts, and each day's the Last Day.

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