Longing for You

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I long for you to rescue the state of our Ummah, and revive the Holy Prophet’s Sunnah. To pour patience, love, compassion and guidance into our hearts, we’ve inflicted ourselves with so many diseases, growing faults.

Ya Imam, you are among us but I cannot see you
In today’s world, with you are but a few
How I wish I was aware of your presence
I long to see you establish your essence
The filth of my sins has veiled your face from my sight
I wait to see the face of your Noor shining bright

I long for you to rescue the state of our Ummah
And revive the Holy Prophet’s Sunnah

To pour patience, love, compassion and guidance into our hearts
We’ve inflicted ourselves with so many diseases, growing faults
How ashamed you must be of our state
How do we expect to meet you at this rate?

Ya Imam, please don’t neglect us the way we’ve done
May we employ ourselves in your service instead of run

Ya Imam, we’re not worthy of asking for you to reappear
For Allah knows how we’ll behave when you’re here.

Today I write this letter and say I’m with you because I know I should
But the day you arrive will I commit the way I said I would?

There is so much dirt on my soul
I long to once again become whole
So much cleaning of my life to do
I want to purify myself in a lasting state of Wudhu
Yet the time ticks and my death nears
And I think about all my sins and my mind craws with fears
Has the time come too fast and my chance too late?
I wish I could tell the Angel of death to wait…

Ya Imam, I wish to have Iftar beside you
To pray Fajr alongside you
Serve in your government
Smell your scent
Help your establishment

May Allah help me provide strength to your army
You are the Hujjat that is protected through Allah’s grace
The Imam of our time for every race
How we live in oblivion and forget our responsibility
And commit sins with such audacity

Imam, help us gather ourselves and call you with sincerity
Why are we commercialized into society?
I feel trapped and suffocated in corruption
Help me escape this junction
You are our oxygen
My hope to function
We await the chance to be by your side
While in occultation you hide

We await for the oppression to end
While you await us to change our ways and mend

We await you, Ya Imam
Until then we send our Salaam.

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