Once Upon A Teary Eye

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Yahya Naqvi

Brother Yahya Naqvi back with his poignant and stinging poetry about the oppression perpetrated against our Muslim and non-Muslim brethren around the world.

Yahya Naqvi







Once upon a teary eye…

She was walking home from the mosque

God knows how she was kidnapped
How the other girls were brutally stabbed
Lonely girl in an Abu Ghraib cell
How it feels to be unheard…when you yell

Once upon a teary eye…

A young boy was carried to his grave

God knows the tests of the Palestinian born
Over so many bodies they have to mourn
Where life is a prison and martyrdom adorned
Humiliated daily and openly scorned

Once upon a teary eye…

A child cried and died of thirst

God knows the unheard Darfur tale
Where one's home becomes their jail
Help isn't provided, and evil prevails
Sadly, the world hasn't heard details

Once upon a teary eye
Once upon a dreary night

Because their souls are lost through oppression
Because they believe riches are in possession
Because manipulation has become an obsession
Wealth and power are pivots of discretion
Fake it, take every bit like it's their profession
With a mask over their face, committing aggression

Victory for me is more than a belief
You can't survive forever on an innocent's grief
If life is a right then they are the thief
Autumn will strip the tall tree of its leaf
Lord assists the weary, for He is king and He is chief
Proving illegitimate power is short-lived and brief

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