Peace, True Peace

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ImageBrother Yahya Naqvi with his latest poetic prose on that ever elusive peace the world yearns for.

Yahya Naqvi








When I reached for the stars
And I lived in the sky
When a little toy car
Brought a twinkle to the eye

Now I walk on the ground
And few are my goals
So much I have found
But misplaced my soul

Peace, true peace
Is in simple things we adore

I confused left from right
And mom’s kiss healed the pain
When a lullaby at night
Helped drift to another plane

Now, I see things clearly
Well, I’ve memorized pages
I miss lullabies dearly
Haven't slept well in ages

Peace, true peace
Is in simple things we adore

Wake me from my somber sleep
Where nightmares eat my dreams
I stare down a cliff so steep
At the bottom is a cave so deep
Always the same repeating theme
I stare, but don't jump
I'm scared, but don't scream

The man within kills the boy
Growing ambitions kill the joy

So, I pace the rhythm from my chest
A panicked heart inside my breast
Remembering the ways in which I'm blessed
Forgiving the worst, forgetting the rest

Then my forehead softly touches the floor
The soul that was bleeding, a mind that was sore
Are healed and bandaged to hurt no more
I realize what I did not before

Peace, true peace
Is in simple things we adore

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