Poisoned Idealism

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These fallen reformists end up denying the iconic idealist’s methodology and its political effectiveness and practicality, even though it worked spectacularly in provable historical actuality.




Most movements that campaign to reform ancestral lies,

claim to be idealists seeking to gain power to actualize

a philosophy that they theorize is “the people’s”

politicized soul saving grace.

Unfortunately, most movements predictably lose Idealism’s bright-shining face. Once most movements gain their hard fought political reign

hypocritical pragmatists start to view idealism with disdain…

something beautiful but insane.


This is because they feel that ideal means can’t sustain their practical gain.

So if sin maintains their newly acquired high social, material, and political plain,

they rationalize without conscience’s pain,

that the means justify the ends then view the ideal with pragmatic disdain.


Thus the fate of so called Idealist movements vary.

Some end up autocratic and scary.

Some end up democratic and scary.

Nearly all of them end up very, very scary.


They most often tend to morph into the same truth hating adversary

of The Ideal’s idealist truth loving revolutionary

whose thoughts, words, and deeds, they vowed to embody and carry

when they still had the decency of their ideological cherry.1


That’s when they didn’t lurk in the shadows to make right and wrong arbitrary.

That’s when worldly gain was too far fetched to pose the ideological contrary.

That’s when they were afraid to be competitively bloody and homicidally scary.

That’s when they were still ideologically uncompromising, martial, yet wary.

That’s when they realized that defending high ideals with murder is the antithesis of the ideal…

two parts that can’t naturally marry…

Very, very nasty, and very, very scary.


Royalists, Communists, Capitalists, Federalists, Socialists, Fascists, Religionists, once empowered, they all tend to believe that it’s either their way or the grave… behaving as if murder is a tact of the ideal they politically came to save.


Idealism propagated by the point of the sword

is not the way Prophet Muhammad spread the religion of The Lord.

And compelling the people to bow and prostrate at sword point

is not the methodology The Lord did appoint

for The Prophet’s Shining City On The Hill which God miraculously preserved.

But humans reap what they sow, so what’s reaped is most often deserved.


Too many empowered reformists end up reversing the idealists aversion to state sponsored brutality.

Why? It’s because they become elitist and cowardly in all actuality…

snooty towards different ideologies and afraid of inter-religious individuality.


They become too arrogant to consider someone else’s rational sane vision…

Every different point of view often gets misread as an ideological collision…

Believing that now that they’re strong they can’t possibly be wrong.

Even when an opponent is singing a provable right song

They’ll insist that what’s obviously short is undeniably long.


These fallen reformists end up denying the iconic idealist’s methodology

and its political effectiveness and practicality,

even though it worked spectacularly in provable historical actuality.


Ideals never totally take root in the hearts of people like these in the first place.

The ideal gets sown. But if a reactionary weed is allowed to become grown

and freely… without being unchallenged… interface with the people’s collective thought, take root, bear fruit and become so common place,

that we the people become culturally accustomed to its sickening sweet taste,

there will be an evil consequence… a matching loss of face and grace.


The fruit Iconic Idealists sow is sanctified, haloed and transcendentally glows

with a bitter sweet taste that’s heavenly to behold, and nutritionally overflows with each virtuous ideal the people religiously swallow.


Unfortunately, if we the people choose to wallow

in the the ideologically sickening sweet appeal of the counter-ideal

forsaking the not so sweet nutrition ideal’s fruit dost graciously bestow,

folks are liable to go for power’s sickening sweet bravado

and choose might as if it were the right the hallowed idealists originally did sow.


Power lovers forget that righteousness, though bitter makes high ideals grow,

and miraculously bestows fervent group love for the religious Idealists’ revolutionary code that guarantees the faithful a beautifully blissful abode

in The Inevitable Everlasting Life…

the reward for winning Jihadal Akbar’s2 ongoing Internal Holy Strife.


On the other hand, the sickening sweet fruit of power, lust, and greed

was originally a seed The Damned Devil and his agents evilly sowed.

It was a seed fertilized from the excrement from his outhouse commode…

where it took root and grew into a fruit designed to orgasmically explode

with deceptive sweet tastes to cover the nastiness of its sickening evil mode.


Once the vile seed of greed roots, it grows like a weed

and it will proceed to strangle The Ideally Humane God Loving Creed.


If that weed is left to prolifically breed without being vigorously opposed

The once idealist plants that magnificently rose will be summarily  deposed,

mortally imposed upon by an abundance of sickening fruit that attacks the soul’s charitable lymph nodes.

Greed will thrive in Love’s place, the smell of which erodes

the conscience, then overloads the mind with self indulgence, and unable-to-think materialist desires,

which drives those who foolishly eat this anti-ideal poison into selfish passions’ ideal consuming fires.


Satan sows the seeds from those weeds all along the favored straight roads

where they grew into bushes and trees that bear poisonous fruit that explodes

an intoxicatingly sweet taste into the consciousness of whoever partakes.

When this forbidden fruit is eaten, it’s damnable poison eventually overtakes and kills reason.

The eater forsakes the voice of one’s conscience, and commits spiritual treason.

These poisoned people prioritize popularity, nationality, sex, race, power and wealth.

Since high ideals are omitted, they’re submitted, and committed to get it

by any means necessary, in the service of a Satan who womanizes,

and legitimizes black, soul rusting lies, murder, elitism, and stealth…

even sacrificing their own children’s spiritual, physical, and political health.


Fortunately God created the nature of we vulnerable human creatures,

with the ability to recognize when there’s something wrong with our blessed human features.

A drunkard knows when he’s twisted and can seek help and change.

A sinner knows that he’s wrong… that his behavior’s deranged.


So though the soul can be poisoned there’s God’s forgiveness and cure.

The humble beg God to, in the end, once again, make sure that the soul is pure forever more.


Thus the penitent, God Willing, can clean out their system and ultimately endure

ingesting the evil God Forbade after sorely being tempted by that attractively sweet lure.

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