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In the Name of Allah

In the Name of the Most High

I send the dua, I know He will reply

He who needs nothing & still gives to I

He who the Sun, moon & stars were created by

He who lives when all else shall die

Who is it you thought?

Owner of the seven earths and seven samawat

There is no contest

It’s difficult to put

His attributes into context

Like the incredible essence of the Tawhid concept

What can I say?

Astaghfirullah wa atubu ilayh

And it was He who created the one

Known as the trustworthy human being:


Who would come & become

The chosen one

Of them all:


Ignorant masses

called his miracles ‘magic’

Ironically – check out the audacity

Of people destined for doom

Having the nerve to say:

“Yaquluna innahu lamajnun

They say that he is mad

When he is the reason

For their being

And the purpose of this surface

They knew not what his worth is

Some with no clue

Of the gem they had

How could you call him mad??

He is the light of all prophets –

Peace be upon Ahmad

And peace be upon

The light of his eye

The greatest woman

From sea to sky

Blessed was she

Although sad was her demise

A lost grave -secretly buried by Ali

For only few know where she lies

And her only joy before she said goodbye

Was knowing she’d be the first to lay eyes

On her beloved father

When they would meet

At the fountain of Kawthar

The mother of her father

Peace be upon Fatimatu Zahra

And peace be unto you

Bestowed with the position of succession

Only true successor there

Fit to be called “Haydar”

The Asad of Allah:

God’s Lion

Other sahabahs don’t come close

Stop applying

The bravest of them all:

Amir al-Mu’minin

Ali al-Murtadha

And peace be unto you

One of the two

Princes of Heaven

Known for his piety and kindness

His generosity was like a cure for blindness

Son of Wali Allah

Salawat upon Hasan al-Mujtaba

And finally

peace be unto thee

Who removed injustice

Like a bad cavity

Gave freedom to you and me

Like the gift of legs to an amputee

The Prince of Shuhadah

Dying thirsty in Naynawa

I love you

Like angels love Karbala

A diamond in a rough –

a pearl

Leader of the Free World

Survived by his wife and son

While on his wounded chest

Lie his baby girl

O Aba Abdullah

I have this notion

That you set in motion

The revolution

That could move

The mountains and the ocean!

Ya Mahdi!

I know you’re Muntazir

Waiting for me

But I told ya’

I’m ready to be your soldier

…that’s not just my claim on this day

And if you feel the same

Let me hear you say:

Labayk Ya’ Hussain!

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Shaykh Husayn El-Mekki

Shaykh Husayn El-Mekki received his Masters degree in Islamic studies at I.C.A.S. (Islamic College for Advanced Studies) and completed Islamic courses at the Islamic Seminary of Qom. He has spoken at numerous Islamic centers and university campuses due to his relatability with the youth, exceptional Islamic knowledge and public speaking skills.

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