Qiyamat is Coming

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Sister Zehra Laljiani presents us with the questions of our lifetime. On the day of Qiyamat, will we be among the soldiers of Allah, or among the soldiers of the devil?









Sometime in the future to come, my friends

This Earth will surely come to an end.

When the Savior comes to protect us from Dajjal,

Some will fight for Islam, and others will fall.

Soon this world will be torn asunder,

With flooding, fire, lightning and thunder.

Then we shall be judged, and so, take heed;

All shall be questioned for their every deed.

Those who faithfully served their Lord,

Will have Jannat for their reward.

And those who’ve done filthy things in this world,

Around them fire and boiling water will swirl.

These soldiers of Shaytan, who served him well,
Will have no escape from the Flames of Hell.

Listen to me, my Muslim friends,

We know this world will someday end.

And on that day, we shall be free

From the bonds of this planet of land and sea.

If we are wrongdoers, the Lord will know

That Hell is the place that we will go.

If we follow our faith, the Lord will see

That we are showered with His Mercy.

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