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RomeBrother Yahya Naqvi with a poetic verse about Rome and what it has come to symbolize.



Rome is burning
From the ashes I’m born
I rise from the rubble
I stand the storm

Gaza, Beirut
Iraq, Iran
Freedom, I pursue
Praying at Dawn

Do in Rome as Romans do?
Romans are fools though
Are you one too?

Rome arrived
Rome will leave
Countless innovations achieved
Weapons that caused enormous grief

Rome was the master
Yes, Rome enslaved
Rome must be held accountable
For how it behaved

Rome conquers land
Rome rapes your girls
Rome destroys your self-esteem
Rome steals your pearls

Fates intertwine
Choose a destiny divine
Not scared of the tyrant
Those eyes, malign
Success compliments patience
In a chaotic time

I refuse to bend
I refuse to pretend
Rome is an oppressor
One I can’t befriend

Empires grow
Empires go
I’m not a fish to get caught up in the flow
Nation’s histories have taught me so
That’s how the fate of Rome I know

Rome is fragile
But I stand tall

Rome weakens
But I don’t fall

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