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Iblis was never an angel. And when God gathered him along with the other creatures of fire and light, he miserably failed in the greatest test of his existence. 








Iblis was never an angel, you know.
He was an arrogant jinn and always a foe
Of the beings created from luminous mud,
The Lovers of trinkets, the spillers of blood.

He was a preacher, a teacher, an arrogant creature;
A reacher for what he was not meant to possess.
A fatal feature that egotistically made him obsessed
With being created from fire. The liar thought fire made him the best.
So he didn’t prepare for his life’s greatest test.

God summoned the creatures of fire and light,
To gather by Adam, who was not yet upright.
Just a statue of clay with no sign of life;
The being the angels all knew would cause strife.

The jinns and the angels gathered and stood.
Because God said to do it, and what God says is good.
Then God issued The Order for all present to bow…
To obey the command right here and right now…

To pay their respects in this most humble pose…
To touch the ground with their toes, knees, hands, forehead, and nose.

All bowed down and complied, but that arrogant jinn,
And each Satanic, arrogant, self serving friend.
Allah asked The Jinn Teacher, why he still stood.
Iblis stood rebellious like a thing made of wood.

“Why should I bow to a thing made of clay?
“I am better than him any old day.”

So The Devil kept standing and would not obey.
So God condemned him to Hell, forever to stay.
But reprieved him until, the dreaded Dooms Day.
And for this Satan swore to make all humans stray.

“I’ll lay traps and attack, and I will cause them to sway.
From their front, and their back, and on the straight way.”

“Then come. Do your worse,” said Allah to that Jinn.
“Come with your mounts, and your plans, and your men.
“You will only sway those who are not my strict slaves.
“You will not sway The Faithful who are thoughtful and brave.”

So Iblis became Satan, The Foe of Mankind.
He tempts every human, and corrupts each weak mind.
He seduced The First Human speaking softly, not rude;
What was not made for eating, he made it seem like good food.

And still The Damned Devil wants to tempt us to hell.
So from the time of our birth some devil will try to sell
Us something that is bad for us telling us that it’s good.
If only fools understood. If only they could.

But how can they? Understanding takes correct information.
And when evil dominates the home, schools, and the whole of the nation,
The entire planet’s information can be evilly slanted.
Then good folks will continue taking evil for granted.

Most folks know “booze” turns brain cells to stew,
Most know pig clogs the veins with vile, filthy goo.
We know that each slick, sick Hollywood flick,
Poisons young minds yet we love the flick’s schtick. 

We know sex before marriage has never been right.
And long ‘fore we ask for our very first “light”,
We know that tobacco causes life ending lung cancer.
So why choose the wrong? Do you know the answer?

The Damned Devils incites peoples’ low foolish nature,
To rebel against reason, and Allah’s Legislature.
We hear it, and see it, and feel it, and want it.
We want it, work for it, then buy it, and flaunt it.

We then revel in devilment, with Satan’s encouragement.
It becomes like a settlement, Homey and permanent.
A culture of wrong, loved, cherished and prized.
The Culture of Right put down, and despised.

From generation to generation; from nation to nation;
Loose, unlearned humans, still fall for temptation.
Defending The Devil, like a dear cherished friend.
When he’s the enemy of God, The Angels, and men.

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