She Still Smiles

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GraveHeartbreaking verses about a woman’s struggle and optimism in the fight of her life.

Rest in peace








What is it all worth? Cyclical suffering, it seems since our very birth.
We enter this world in pain, tears of a newborn soul
an introduction to sorrow – the happiness that life stole.
She was told of her impending death, adding more to life’s gloom
still I’d see her smile, even as death would loom.
She’d cook, she’d eat, she’d love, she’d sleep,
she’d even play a game or two
to the point that I’d wonder if she forgot what death would do
like what’s the point in living if you were told death is coming, and knew.

It’s indeterminate, the doctor said, cancer, and we’re not quite sure when you’ll be dead.
It could be sooner or later, we can’t cure you, it will surely grow in size,
till it leads to your demise – I’m sorry Eve, as he stares into her eyes,
three kind words but it’s as if the doctor lies.

How could he be sorry? – He has no idea, perhaps he means pity.

You see she is no different than you and I
except that she now stares at death right in the eye,
while we blink and cower,
even though death is promised to us all, and may come at any hour.

Her eyes betray her somber reality.
We spoke, we laughed, we lived
and I could never so much as glean past the glee before me.
What it is to live life knowing? Would the candles of our life still flicker?

Her candle is still alight.

She smiles still, even as death looms. Even as death is in plain sight.

Rest in God’s peace.

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