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Image Sister Sidra eloquently speaks about how we often deceive ourselves when transgressing Allah's bounds, but thankfully, He is always there to help us get back up.










It came to you as a surprise
No, not a surprise, but in disguise

Tricked you into thinking you're right
When in reality, you know, you're just not that bright

You fell into its trap, now unable to escape
Due to your lack of tryna get in shape

What's left for you now, except for yourself?
Wait, there's God, He wouldn't leave you to fend for yourself

Now, with His help, you've been given a path
Don't be stupid, or you'll fall in His wrath

You felt as if there was no way out
Even though the next stop was all the way down south

South? Say what? Too easy for us
'Course it's easy, now stop the fuss!

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