Sometimes My Heart Feels Like

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ImageYahya Naqvi on the daily struggles one faces in rejecting the message of the accursed Satan and his followers.


Yahya Naqvi








Sometimes my heart feels like…

It's 'bout to jump out of my chest

Too many words unsaid

Too much pain, unrest

Weight of the world on my breast

The scrutiny is a burden

Got my heart under arrest

My brothers chained up by Satan

I attest, I protest

Call my burden a curse

But I feel like I'm blessed


You haven't given up on your faith

By putting it away on a shelf

Cancer sticks, and drinks mixed

You've given up on yourself


Sometimes my shoulders feel like…

They're 'bout to break and crumble

In this materialistic life

A man trying to stay humble

Grab a hold of my hand

My friend, don't stumble

Lets weather the storm

Not let our conviction tumble


His heart couldn't take it

It was 'bout to explode

His shoulders couldn't stand it

He took off the load

His plans gone array

A young man off the road

Used to stay on track

He lived by the code

Handed his soul to the devil

Now held by the throat

Lucifer the shepherd

Weak brother the goat


My heart keeps pumping

My shoulders stay strong

This quest takes its toll

This journey is long

The fruits well worth

Refraining from wrong

I spread the prayer mat

Remember where I belong

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