Summary of Their Beliefs

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ImageYahya Naqvi in a passionate poem for the oppressed people of the world against the injustices commited by the tyrants.

Yahya Naqvi








They'll fight and kill for oil, so Barbaric
Chips in for the best resource
Making wars that are just idiotic
Hurting others without remorse

This is a puppet show everybody
Let me introduce the clowns
Their mentality is haughty
Their greed is well renown

Bush says he's a man of God, man of his church
You’ll find out that's a lie with a little research

Bush is nothing but an oil tycoon
His head is more empty than a latex balloon
He thought Iraq had missiles hidden in dunes
If it was up to him he'd wage a war on the moon
Him and his posse, the idiots platoon
Marching the nation to a satanic tune

The media is a lying machine….Gather hold, it's a flood
Almost a million dead in Iraq.… We're gettin' oil for blood

Their whole war is ill-legit
Murdoch in Wall Street, dirty business

I bow to Allah, to God I submit
If no one talks, I'll gather my whit

The tears roll down her cheeks
Loathes in sorrow behind the bars
What victory do these men seek?
Why have they given her these scars?

The war's end seems bleak
Perverse fantasies prevail
Abu Ghraib is of what I speak
Rape committed in those jails

Scared of the truth, don't ask me to shut up
They're brainwashing fully now, so word up

I don't hide my frustration up my sleeve
I don't fall for tricks, not so naive
I don't know what image you have perceived
The whole plan at the top is to have you deceived
Then, and only then, will their goals be achieved
Don't ask to end the occupation
Palestine, they won't leave
Don't remind them of the atrocities
They aren't moved by a mother's grief

They'll do anything for their interests
That's a summary of their beliefs

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