The Perfect Date

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Unparalleled intelligence, listens attentively to me. Her wisdom is beyond her years, and she always sticks up for me. My True Love.  







I don’t normally kiss and tell,
But I’ve fallen head over heels.
To me, the mind matters more 
Than physical appeals.

Her intelligence is unparalleled,
Her wisdom beyond her years.
She listens attentively to me,
Never tiring in her ears.

She doesn’t just make conversation,
Her words elevate my station.

I confide in her, 
And she keeps my trust.
Her love enraptures me,
Washing away my heart’s rust.

When I step out of line,
She’s swift, though gentle, to correct.
I know she wants what’s best for me,
So her intentions I don’t suspect.

When I spend to make her pleased,
My wealth is not decreased.

When others malign my honor,
There’s no quicker avenger.
When someone wrongs me,
They have to deal with her anger.

I feel no fear around her,
No matter the lurking dangers
When my friends need her help,
She doesn’t turn them away as strangers

I’m not worthy to possess
Her loving tenderness

She can be the jealous type,
Not wanting others to take her place in my soul.
But how could they part us?
For to her is my goal.

Sometimes life confuses me,
And she helps me find my way.
When darkness surrounds me,
She helps me see a brighter day.

Her secrets I’ll never understand
For, for a wretch like me, they’re grand

Every now and again
She tries to teach me a lesson
Sometimes I get ahead of myself
And forget with who I am messin’

When we’re together,
Time stands still.
Nothing can surpass
That everlasting thrill

I said the mind matters “more”
But her aura knocks me to the floor!

The light of her face
Shines brighter than the sun
A match for her beauty,
There is not a one.

What more can I say
About the one that I adore?
She who brings me closer
Through every closing door.

But then, she is no “she”
And DEFINITELY not a “he”

“My companion in my loneliness
My adjacent neighbor 
My firm support

O nearest Friend
O full of loving and kindness; 

O Supporter of those who have no support; 
O Guarantor of those who have no guarantee; 
O Wealth of those who have no wealth; 
O Means of those who have no strength; 
O Refuge of those who have no refuge; 
O Treasure of those who have no treasure; 
O Helper of those who have no helper”; 

O My Beloved, My Lord.

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