The Prophethood

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Prophetic Godsends showed each nation The Path. They spoke against bad trends that provoke God’s Just Wrath. Shaikh Ali delivers another mesmerizing poetry praising God’s messengers to humanity


We can submit to what’s right,
Suppressing pride, lust, and vanity.
OR, we can slight deep insight,
Choosing foolish insanity.

There’s rewards for right choices. 
Wrong choices catch hell.
Which are the right voices; 
Wrong or right… How to tell?

Allah sent us Godsends
With Pure, Special Souls
To teach men to transcend
Their work-a-day roles.

Prophetic Godsends
Showed each nation The Path.
They spoke against bad trends
That provoke God’s Just Wrath.

They taught mankind God’s Guidance;
God’s Presence — Their College.
They preached whole compliance 
To God’s Sacred Knowledge.

They fine tuned man’s ethics; 
Indicted each vice.
They taught group dynamics,
Taught foes to play nice.

They taught letter and spirit
Of God’s Divine Law.
They taught us to love it,
And To Hold God In Awe.

Each Prophet taught us
That Satan’s our foe…
That good sense rhymes with justice;
And this world’s just a show.

They preached about Hell fire,
And The Farm Of Delight
They taught man to aspire,
To the highlands of right.

But the best thing they did,
Was to teach God Is One.
They condemned and forbid…
Idol gods; they had none.

No partner, no peer;
God Is God All Alone.
Great men we revere,
But God’s God All Alone.

But most preached to fools.
God’s Words on deaf ears.
Fools spurned prophet’s Rules,
Revered Ethnic Fears.

Most shunned these great men,
Called them vile, filthy names
Killed them and their kin,
And lost sight on their aims.

Light blocking ignorance,
Blocked Light from man’s soul.
Valued as eminence,
Most worship gold.

Fetishes and Images;
Statues of wood;
Falsehood diminishes
Man’s potential for good.

Greed, sloth, and vanity,
Dog nasty lust,
Racist Insanity,
Anti-God, Anti-Just.

All vice, every sin
Sprang beneath this dank gloom.
Five hundred years with no Godsend
Caused foul fruit trees to bloom.

But it did not go out;
The First Light God Created.
God was God without doubt
Though The Gloom dominated.

The First Light came to earth… 
God’s Praise Became Incarnated… 
The most blessed birth
That will ever be celebrated

The Last Prophet Godsend,
The One, The Best Man.
With great men to defend,
As The Creator did plan.

There’s a voice to right choice
Right stands out from the wrong.
A God-guided voice,
That is famous and strong.

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