The Tears of Palestinian Children

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The tears of Palestinian children

The prime minister of the Zionist regime, I mean Israel, walked in a unity march against terrorism

You could feel the 2200 murdered Palestinians turn in their graves

Each drop of their blood boiled when they felt the intensity of the irony

How can you walk in a march about terrorism when you have thousands of dead bodies at the bottom of your feet?

Do not act like an advocate for freedom when you stole it from hundreds of children

You cannot hide it anymore, we have thousands of body bags to testify

Palestine has always been victim of identity theft and stolen land has never been to fond of its founders anyway

Palestine is a country that has more grave stones then homes

Little boys and girls travel from one broken house to another, to realize that the grave is their home

It is not considered living when death becomes a lifestyle

Palestine’s homes crumbled as showers of rockets leveled its land

Palestinian mothers saw their children cry tears like rainstorms

You see, umbrellas can withstand the rain but they can’t soak up the rockets

A mother’s heart can handle the tears but cannot protect them from the rockets

A mother’s heart is not just another piñata these tyrants can chew on

Palestinian children lost hope because Israel bombed that too

Tears became their fire escape

Tears are like the moon on a starless night; they shine when darkness surrounds them

Tears no longer meant loneliness when they accumulated into an ocean

Tears were the only answer to tyranny

Tears are the only cause of a revolution

Their tears caused an uprising in Muhammad’s nation

These words are the aftermath of their tears and I wrote until their tears became my ink

These words will continue to speak for all those who have gone silent

The Freedom of Palestinians lies in our voices

Let’s swallow some bravery and let power bind to our tongues as we speak up for those whose mouths have been forcibly shut

Let’s speak for those whose lives depend on the recognition of justice

On July 16th, 2014 four boys by the names of Ismail, Mohamed, Zakaria, and Ahed were peacefully playing soccer on the sands of Palestine

Each one was as innocent as a daffodil, until they became victims of war

Missiles rained on them until their names vanished into the silence of corruption

They were deemed criminals because their skin was just not light enough

A man was asked why it was okay to kill innocent Palestinian children, he answered by saying, “they all have the potential to become terrorists”

Is it fair to kill every American because they have the potential to become insane?

Is it fair to kill every Jew because their fathers carry ghosts of Palestinian children in their dirty smirks?

This is what happens when power meets arrogance

Power is the root of all evil but arrogance is everything that it grows into

Arrogance is dark

It’s a venomous trait, carried by deviant excuses for humans

A disease so widespread, so untamable; it attacks those who invite its company, and those who sniff it’s sweetness, fall for the devil’s scent of victory

Arrogance is treason to one’s innocence

It is betrayal

Arrogance is a thief that robs the last spec of humanity left in a person

How else can a man look into the eyes of a child and see a coffin?

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