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 How do we stay on the path of guidance on a daily basis? As much as we try, our efforts seem to fall short and eventually neglect overcomes our wishes to become better believers.








I awake with the thought of worship

another day, another chance to grow

Another day to strive to get closer

Another day to repel my desires.

As I walk out the door, the fire is fueled within my heart


As the day starts, as I go about my norms, it weakens

The people around me, though not to blame, influence my thoughts

My surroundings cage in around me

And I fall asleep as I walk, talk, think

A sudden remembrance I feel,

I realize yet again I fell into this trap, of neglect

I realize yet again I have forgotten.

So easy it is to trip and to fall

So difficult it seems to always stay at focus

But I am forever thankful

I thank Him for He reminds me daily

I thank Him, as there is no one else to thank for all I have

And yet the cycle continues, and I hope that one day it would be straight

All the way to the path of guidance and Eimaan.

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