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Yahya NaqviBr. Yahya Naqvi on the ever so lonely concept of truth and its hold on time.

Yahya Naqvi







The truth was shoved in a corner
Locked up, kept in the dark
Bittered, desires and anger
Hunted the truth like sharks

Truth is hidden from the masses
It shivers and shivers cold
Left alone, it years and ages
And those who mention it are bold

Truth is killed by skillful swordsmen
Their blades, dripped with its blood
When a newer era beckons
Truth whispers through the dust

Demons handed you a mirror
One that fed you lies
As your senses began to falter
Its false reflections you recognized

The truth became a mystery
You can’t see its shrouded grave
Invisible to most searching eyes
Behind the mirror, which you gaze

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