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ImageShaikh Abu Talib beautifully expounds in a poem about what is real and what isn't. Let us never forget the Day of Judgment in any of our actions.

Shaikh Ali Abu Talib








Check it out.
How can you differentiate between a vision and an illusion?
How can you tell the difference between an inspired, analytical conclusion,
And the seemingly real delusion
Caused by a deceitful intrusion
Of wishful thinking, and (or) a conspiratorial collusion
Between a manipulative liar and your own gullible mind?

You must look if you wish to see. You must seek, if you intend to find.

To perceive the difference between an illusion and a vision,
One must incorporate the mental provision
That God gave to all human beings; the gift of reason.
It is truly an act of intellectual treason
To allow the emotions to despotically rule and then dictate
How one will formulate opinion.

One must scrutinize closely, before one forms an opinion.
An opinion formed solely in the dominion
Of emotion may cause one's ego to have unwavering devotion
To a clever, cute, totally false notion,
That may consequently cause a psychic demotion
That will not only stunt the spiritual growth of the soul;
It may turn it in the opposite direction of the soul's ultimate goal:
Nearness to God; His Pleasure and Grace;
Mercy, Forgiveness, A bright shining face
On the Day when The Debt that our mortal souls made,
One way or the other, will surely be paid.

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