Where Are Those Emperors?

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 Why the treasures and wealth have disappeared? Why their descendants are now pauper and disinherited?








Where are those powers?
Where is that glory?
Where is their majestic story?

How the majestic awe has subsided!
How the royal glory has receded!
How the valor and might is gone!
How this all now belongs to the gone!

No one bows his head in fear,
No one talks about their splendor,
No one now longs to see their reign,
No one is now charmed by their name.

How superficial was their existence!
How artificial their magnificence!
How false was the radiance!
How hallow the brilliance!

No one mourns their decay,
No one laments the putrefy,
They are nothing but rotten dregs
Forgotten, buried in historical wrecks.

In their days when they would rove
Common people would gaze with awe,
No one dared to raise their voice
But now the might has embraced its demise.

Why the might and glory evaporated?
Why the beautiful palaces got dilapidated?
Why the safe forts are obliterated?
Why the strong armies annihilated?

Why the haughty faces are now humbled?
Why the great arrogance is no more revered?
Why the treasures and wealth have disappeared?
Why their descendants are now pauper and disinherited?

I ask all these questions to My Lord,
O ! Lord why this transition abound?
Why Thee humble the arrogance?
Why Thee destroy the unthankfulness?

My Lord replies, read My Book
I will make the arrogant see doom,
Ingratitude will never be accepted
Unthankful and arrogant will be disinherited!

I will make the good-doers inheritors
I will bless the thankfulness with treasures
I will abound them with more blessings
Because they attribute to Me all good happenings!

O Lord! O My Lord!
I have one more query in mind
When Thy earth will be inherited
By the one who is most awaited?

When all the unjust will see doom!
When the tyranny will not bloom!
When the poor will not be persecuted!
When everywhere justice will be accepted!

When Thy law will prevail!
When the false gods will not avail!
When Thy name will be extolled!
When the truth will not be curtailed!

My Lord replies with wise advice
Follow My Prophet and be away from vice,
Prepare the ground for My Hujjat to reappear
Struggle hard to make the falsehood disappear.

Work for my religion to prevail,
Avoid disunity, and be not frail,
Do not have contradictions between words and actions
Be a true a Muslim with firm determination.

My Lord! Make all of us see the day
When Thy Hujjat(AS) will take the sway,
When our beloved Imam will lead
Us to justice, truth, and Thy worship to succeed.

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Asad Raza

A stimulated mind. An avid reader. An IT professional. A beleiver in Deen e Hanifa : "Then set your face upright for religion in the right state-- the nature made by Allah in which He has made men; there is no altering of Allah's creation; that is the right religion, but most people do not know--"(30:30)

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