World Left Aside

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ImageBrother Yahya on what it takes to not get caught up in the materialistic world in which we live in.

Yahya Naqvi








How much prostration will it take?
To open my heart to see
To rid myself of "me"
As my hands rest on my knees
World left aside, I will only bow to Thee

Like Your most noble servants…
The obedience set them free

How many books will it take?
For my knowledge to expand
Comprehend what is planned
Not one page, the story grand
World left aside, I will follow Your command

Like Your most humble servants…
Pious souls throughout the land

How much sleep will it take?
For me to finally awake
Ask forgiveness for mistakes
Stop the habits, hit the breaks
World left aside, I will not live as a fake

Like Your most guided servants
Who will be safe from the quake

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