Youth Rhymes With Truth

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How will we prioritize our life? Will we choose what is right, or will we be traveling on the wrong bus in the direction of Hell’s blazing fires?








Staring into the future from the disadvantaged vantage point
of being the youngest person in the joint has it’s advantages.
The young opened mind is still inclined to seek out and find
the information that is necessary to redefine, and redesign
the needed reformation of the state of the nation.
I am referring to the Reformation of The Islamic Nation,
The One That Is Ruled By The King Of The Day To Settle The Obligation;
The Lord Of The Throne; The God Of Creation;
Who Does What He Wills Without Complication;
The needed reformation of The Islamic Nation.

This Islamically contained, open minded advantage that young Muslims may
can only be maintained
if ethnic bigotry, and elitist sophistry, does not continue to prioritize the
and corrupt your generation’s psychic terrain,
which would cause egg headed aliens’ domes to swell to insane proportions;
and cause the uneducated to follow profane distortions
cleverly disguised as profound
by some big headed meglo manic clown
who believes in going down on the status quo
for pride, for gain, for show,
and for goo gobs of legally tenderized dough.

Your mama and your daddy came here for the bucks, and you know it.
Or they became Muslims because of some black pride thing,
and they were itchin to show it.
So now what are you going to do?
X has put your generation on the spot.

You know what your parents never knew or conviently forgot.
But you also know that the good most often get shot,
Trying to play the role of Abraham’s cousin Lott.
You have the the knowledge and skill to get the job done,
But do you have the will to embrace the thrill and raise up the sun of Allah’s
In a place based on liberty dressed up like an outrageously grotesque drag
Or will you continue to exclusively run after the illegally tenderized green?

Most are saying it is up to the youth.
But in reality it is up to Allah, The Light, and The Truth.
If young-uns stand for the green, and embrace the obscene,
Then Allah may raise another people to tend to his deen.

But if your head’s screwed on straight,
So that it will not inflate,
It might not be too late, to create organizations ready to dedicate
Themselves to communicating the message of Islam to communities who are
used to only capitulating to vain desires…
Folks traveling on the wrong bus in the direction of Hell’s blazing fires.

It depends on how you prioritize your life.
Will it be the white picket fence, two kids and a wife;
Or Allah and his deen, to include Holy Strife?
Will you prioritize this world’s success, or the Everlasting Afterlife.

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