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Ask the Shaykh: How do we know whether we will be on Imam Mahdi’s (ajtfs) side?

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How can we “truly” know if the Imam (ajtfs) comes in our time, whether we will be with him and not against or neutral? What is the best advice to increase our chances? Surely reciting Dua, and sending salawat and so on does not guarantee anything, surely a so-called “super religious person” who does all the recommended Islamic acts is not guaranteed anything, and there will be many of these people who turn against him.

We are living in a time of major confusion and doubts, no matter how “religious” we feel, we can turn. So what is the best advice, to ensure that we, by the will of God, will be his true followers and helpers?


My advice is: do not leave any obligatory deeds, and as you mentioned, perform dua, and prepare your self to welcome the Imam (ajtfs) with your akhlaq (ethics) at all times. Consider yourself at this moment as a follower of the Imam, so keep yourself away from physical and spiritual corruptions.

Inshallah, if we all try in this way, the reward from Allah (swt) is to be with our beloved Imam (ajtfs). Allah (swt) has promised us that he will reward those who do good. Rely and trust in Allah (swt).

Answered by: Shaykh Jafar Fathullah

Editor’s note: Originally published by Ask the Sheikh. It has been shared here with permission.

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