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A Warning to King Abdullah

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In the name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful
Sincere Advice
Mr. Abdullah ibn Abdul-‘Aziz
May Peace and Mercy be Upon You

According to your order to not address you as “King”, I have addressed you in this message as: Brother! You are not more than an individual human among six billion humans, and like others you are considered simply a single individual. You do not hold any special respect from saints, or scholars, or inventors, or servants of humanity – and like you said, you are just “Abdullah” (Slave of God) like others who are Abdullah. To identify oneself as the Slave of God is an honor, but what gives you importance and respect, what makes six billion humans pay attention to you and your behavior, your deeds, your politics, and your decisions is your special position as the management of the land of the Prophet, Makkah and Madina – “the first Sanctuary appointed for humankind” (Holy Qur’an, 3:96) – Maqaam e-Ibrahim, sacred shrines, and cultural heritage sites, all of which you consider yourself to be responsible for as a manager.

Just as one-and-a-half billion Muslims would like to tell you, I would like to tell you that, considering the greatness of these sacred sites, your responsibilities are also great. One-and-a-half billion of the world’s Muslims want to say that just as the Ka’ba is for all Muslims, you too have to be for all the Muslims of the world. Everyone prays in the direction of the Ka’ba and prostrates in the direction of the Sacred Mosque.

Those places are relevant to everyone’s history, dignity and identity. That land is not just for the Arabs; rather, that land is for everyone – indeed, that land is an Islamic country. All Islamic sects consider that place to be the holiest place and therefore all Muslims consider that place as belonging to them. That government is considered neither an Arabic regime nor a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It’s not like Qatar or the UAE or other bigger countries. It’s not a region for American and foreign influence. It’s the place of the Two Holy Sites. It shouldn’t participate as a part of the GCC, but it should take into consideration the entire Islamic world.

It is painful for the awake and aware Muslims to see that policies based on one particular sect’s beliefs have been established in the Two Holy Sites and that the vast Muslim world is still treated with those crude, stone-age policies. It’s a shame that the political situation of Islamic countries and the keeper of the Two Holy Sites are influenced by the west and America.

It’s unfortunate for the Muslims that when they are rising up against American domination and influence, the keeper of the Two Holy Sites is angered with them. Yet people like Ali Abdullah Saleh – who has been illegitimately ruling Yemen for more than thirty years, and despite his affiliation to America which is hidden from none – are still being supported by you even though over there, everyday, so many people are being massacred and oppressed. These are the very people who are rising with the aim to return to Islam and Islamic independence, and they are being crushed.

The Muslims are questioning the actions of the keeper of the Two Holy Sites. Even though he is supposed to treat one and all as the same, he is supporting the Al-Khalifa dictatorship’s vices and is sending his military forces to Bahrain to massacre the children, the elderly, the men and the women in the peaceful demonstrations. No Muslim ever expected such a thing from the keeper of the Two Holy Sites.

Perhaps Mr. Abdullah has forgotten where he is sending his military forces – he is helping the oppressor against the oppressed.

We want you to guard the Two Holy Sites, and not to destroy the sanctity of these places by forgetting your status and getting involved in inhuman and filthy actions.

We want you to explain to the Muslim world: How can Al-Khalifa possibly be the rightful ruler? And with what right did you send your troops to kill the people who are enjoining good and forbidding evil?

We demand that, in order for you to restore your trust and to defend humanity, you must leave the land of Bahrain as quickly as possible, and ask for forgiveness from the Bahraini Muslims and from all Muslims around the world. Leave the Bahrainis alone, otherwise – and have no doubt about it – “Most surely your Lord is watching” (89:14). Sooner or later, the divine conquest will destroy the oppressor, just as God Almighty has said, “And whosoever is slain wrongfully, We have certainly given power unto his heir” (17:33).

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