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Imam Jawad (as), boundless Servant of Allah and Icon of Resistance

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On the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Jawad(as) publishes extracts, from speeches made by Ayatollah Khamenei on the noble Imam:

Imam Jawad (as) was a manifestation in the struggle against falsehoods, he strove to serve Allah. He was a sign and symbol of resistance; a great man who —during his short life, as he was martyred at the age of 25— fought against the pretentious and hypocritical influence of the Abbasid caliph Ma’moun; and he never withdrew an inch. He endured all the arduous conditions, while employing every possible mean to fight against falsehood.

May 15, 1981

 Imam Jawad (as), like any of the other Infallible Imams (sawa), is a role model for us. The short life of this righteous servant of God was spent on fighting falsehood and tyranny. He was appointed the title of Imam in his adolescence; and in a few years, he did an immense jihad against the enemy of God, in such a way that he had become unbearable for the enemies of God; thus, he was poisoned to death at the young age of twenty-five.  Just like other Imams (sawa), who added a golden chapter to the pages of Islam’s prideful history, through their jihad; this noble Imam also carried out a significant part of Islam’s all-encompassing jihad, and taught us a great lesson. That great lesson he taught us was, ultimately, when facing hypocritical and pretentious powers, we must make an effort to raise the vigilance within people who confront such powers.  When the enemy practices open and explicit hostility, and does not employ hypocrisy and double-facedness, it’s easier to recognize the antagonist. However, when an enemy disguises itself as this consecrated entity who supports Islam, like the Abbasid Ma’moun, then it would be difficult for people to discern him.

In our time, as well as all throughout history, those in possession of power have perpetuated hypocrisy and double-facedness, once they were unable to confront the people.  Imam Jawad (as) sought to relay a message to humanity that said, “I am a supporter of Islam and an advocate of the Prophet’s progeny.” Imam Reza and Imam Jawad (sawa) made great strides to remove the mask of hypocrisy off Ma’moun’s face and they managed to do so.

October 10, 1980

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