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Islamic Children’s Books: The Greatest Gift, Wings to Fly With

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In the Name of God

Heavenlywise Books is a newly established children’s books publication, based in Maryland, U.S.A. The organization has published only two books so far: The Greatest Gift and Wings to Fly With, one authored and one co-authored by Fatimah Sodagar.

By the Grace of God, they are preparing over 40 illustrated kids books to publish within the next two to four months. For the upcoming forty books, the illustrations are ready and the texts are being written or translated. To enable Heavenlywise to pay for the costs of publishing these books, they are starting a fundraising campaign on LaunchGood. We encourage our readers to support them for this is one of the first Shi’a authored and published texts in America. Kisa Kids is also paving the way in this category.

From Shaykh Davood Sodagar, founder of Heavenlywise:
“I feel very strongly about this project, and every step of the way I have consulted the Qur’an and am convinced, especially seeing the dire circumstance of Islamic children’s books in the West, that this is a very important endeavor that will inshaAllah please our Master, Imam Mahdi (aj).”

A little bit about the author:
Fatimah T. Sodagar was born to an American mother and an Iranian-American father. At an early age she developed a strong penchant for reading stories and novels. She would consume hundreds of pages of books a day. The love for reading gradually grew into a love for writing and drawing. She is now happily married to a respected scholar of Islam and is busy raising two very high-spirited and cheerful kids, and in her spare time she writes and draws.

There are two current published texts from Heavenlywise:

The Greatest Gift
The feeling of gratitude toward God and love and empathy toward others constitute two very basic attitudes that all people must cherish in their hearts to live a happy and healthy life.  The Greatest Gift is a short but rewarding book that converts an important and edifying saying by Prophet Muhammad on this topic into an enjoyable piece of verse that allows children to imbibe the spirit of the Prophetic teaching through a series of beautifully interconnect illustrations that bring the poem to life.

Enjoy an uplifting ride with your children on how to be thankful to God and love and respect other people.

Wings to Fly With
Wings to Fly With is an illustrated and versified presentation of 12 sayings by the twelfth imam of the Shia faith, Imam Mahdi.  With its easy-to-read and enjoyable poems and beautiful accompanying illustrations, Wings to Fly With offers parents a unique opportunity to teach their children the essentials they need to know about their living imam and the state of proactive anticipation that all devout believers must maintain in awaiting the reemergence of their Master.

Allow your children a rare opportunity to engage in an enjoyable process of learning about their faith and their hidden imam.

For more information and to purchase the books, please visit their website. The texts are also available to be purchased from Amazon.

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