Muharram Night I: A Mother’s Reflections 

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We walked across the cement parking lot, successfully slipping the يا حسين neon green headband over her forehead, her beaming and us, too, her parents. I can’t help but feel a pang of pride… a flicker of glee as we approach the majlis of Imam Husayn (as). As we settle in and the words of Allah (swt) are being recited, I stop to think:

Donning the simple words of “Oh, Husayn” on my daughter’s forehead brought such a joy to my heart… this is Imam Husayn (as) after all, may my soul be sacrificed for him!

But then, other thoughts enter my mind quickly: would I hesitate if asked to give up this child for Husayn (as)? What if the time and day came, what if God forbid, I was one of those who was tested and failed? This time, only pangs of guilt could be felt reverberating through my soul… the pride I had felt only minutes ago quickly dissipated into the dark abyss of vanity…

This is the first night of Muharram, the first majlis of the beloved of the sandy plains of Karbala… let us begin the first night by questioning ourselves and our attachments… are we able to leave them behind for Husayn (as), or better yet, sacrifice them for the Imam?

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